Deboxing PEEP, UnMasking MASQUE

With Easter coming always reminds me of those yellow sugar coated shaped birds called “Peeps”.  However the Haute Easter Bunny left me one of if not THE aside from Tattoo coveted Sybarite Peep.

Yes there are others more coveted like Blanche or Necro Peep, but when taking all of the LE 50 and above editions.  Selling my Beloved Inque and then some allowed me this chance of a lifetime.  Plus she is a true NRFB.

I WISH I could at least have a glass of champagne when I will remove her from snug satin home and let her stretch.  Ironically, Peep was the 2009 PFDF doll.  Fidle’ this years festival doll arrived safe and sound yesterday.

Fidle’ is a beautiful dark lady with piercing eyes and knives to boot.  One golden sword held over one shoulder as if it was this seasons hottest accessory.  I am struggling with keeping her but I decided to not debox her until a decision is made.

Why?  Remember Masque? Well I struggled with her as well since buying her in October.  My decision has been made…she stays.  Opening her the night I opened Peep will go down in my Sybarite Fantasy escapes to date.

Thankyou for Peep

Paris Fashion Doll Festival -2009 PEEP


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